The Dilemmas and Opportunities of Islam and Liberalism -May 1st, 2012 by Hartford Theological School (HTS) – “Concerns about the relationship of Islam to liberalism have dominated Western discussion of Islam ever since the events of 9/11. Many Western democracies, often in the name of the need to preserve a liberal order, have taken steps, implicitly or explicitly, to limit the freedoms of Muslims.  Part of the reason that such measures have been taken is the assumption that Islam is so thoroughly and irredeemably opposed to a liberal public order that ordinary assumptions about religious freedom should not apply to Islam or Muslims.  In this lecture, Professor Fadel will try to discuss why this idea of Islamic “exceptionalism” is deeply flawed, subversive of liberalism itself, and ironically, likely to bring about the very theological dangers that such measures are intended to forestall.”

Imagination in the Construction of Islamic Ethics – April 5th, 2012, HTS – “Islamic ethical reasoning involves bringing together information, values and principles in the context of real human needs. The complexity of ethical reasoning requires the ethicist to be able to manage a great deal of information of varying importance as well as conflicting norms.  Many scholars have stressed the importance of reason in Islam. Umar Abd-Allah, in his short paper “Living Islam with Purpose” says “The authority of reason forms the foundation of Islamic theological and legal thought.” Ibrahim Kalin explores the topic on a deeper level in his “Reason and Rationality in the Qur’an” where he argues that reason is by itself “neither a principle nor ground of knowledge, truth and rationality because our epistemic encounter with the world takes place in a wider context of relations and significance.” This context is the metaphysics of creation. In this lecture, Mattson will explore the way in which imagination, as a mode of thinking, relates to and forms an essential part of the reasoning process. Human imagination is both limiting and freeing as we contemplate the reality of the world in which we live and which we would like to see improved.”

Inside Islam: Dialogues and Debatesis “a radio collaboration between UW-Madison, Wisconsin Public Radio, and the public that seeks to challenge misconceptions and stereotypical perceptions about Islam and Muslims worldwide. Inside Islam is winner of a 2009 Brass Crescent Award and a 2011 Gabriel Award.  The program creates a public forum for positive and constructive sharing of knowledge about Islam through innovative use of new media. The project’s emphasis on interactive technology underlines the importance of active communication between Muslims and non-Muslims, as well as between academics and the broader community. By illuminating underrepresented or neglected cultural, intellectual, and political aspects of Islam and Muslims, Inside Islam spotlights the diversity of dialogues and debates within Islam as well as with other religions and communities.”

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