10 Strategies to Respond to the Rising Hate in the US is a webinar from the Council of the Parliament of the World Religions with their Board Chair, Imam Abdul Malik Mujahid.  Find it as as a download near the bottom of our Curricula etc. page.

All That A Woman Can Do is a sixteen minute documentary which “tells the stories of women artists working and thriving in Dakar, Senegal. Through their experiences and insights, these women open the door for the West to deepen its understanding of women, family, and career in Africa.” (produced by Eve Symington)

Blessed Islam has this youtube channel with short informative videos.

Christian Zionism and Islamophobia is a sobering and informative one and three quarter hour YouTube video cast: “On Wednesday, January 30, 2013, ICMES (International Council for Middle East Studies) co-hosted a session on the seldom discussed, often misunderstood issue of Christian Zionism and its relationship to Islamophobia, at The National Press Club in Washington, DC. In coordination with the Council for the National Interest (CNI), the event offered three intersecting perspectives on the role, function, and meaning of U.S. Christian support for Zionism and the pro-Israel Lobby. Jon Basil Utley, Associate Publisher of The American Conservative and Robert A. Taft Fellow for International and Constitutional Studies at the Ludwig von Mises Institute began the session with a discussion of what he refers to as the ‘Armageddonites.’ ICMES President Norton Mezvinsky, Professor Emeritus of History at Central Connecticut State University and co-author of Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel, then pinpointed the theology of Christian Zionism, specifying the Christian Zionist view of Islam, and suggested the political impact of all of this. Fuad Sha’ban, Vice President of Yarmouk Private University in Jbab, Syria, Professor of Literature and Translation in the Department of English at the University of Petra in Amman, Jordon, and author of For Zion’s Sake: The Judeo-Christian Tradition in American Culture, rounded out the session with an analysis of the cultural-historical background of American concepts of Islam, with emphasis on the theme of Christian Zionist views of Islam in the United States. The session was moderated by Dr. Philip Giraldi, CNI Executive Director and former CIA counter-terrorism specialist and military intelligence officer.”

Shoulder-to-Shoulder Campaign hosted a webinar, Engaging the Faithful, Coordinating Multi-Faith Partnerships to End Anti-Muslim Sentiment, dedicated to mobilizing faith leaders to address this issue.  On the webinar, faith leaders engaged in ending anti-Muslim sentiment shared their own programs and tools for addressing religious discrimination. Learn more and watch the webinar online!

Feminist Muslim Rap Poem

Importance of Female Scholarship in Islam is a 25 minute sermon/talk by a male Imam in Canada on why women scholars of Islam are needed at all levels.  The speaker’s first teacher of Islam was in fact a woman, and he learned from other women as well.

Lesley Hazelton offers this insightful & demystifying 9 & 1/2 min. talk On Reading the Koran at TED.

Please, God, Don’t Let the Terrorists be Muslim is a 2 & 1/2 min video presentation of a column written by Robert Azzi after the Boston Marathon bombings.

Religion & Ethics News Weekly, produced by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, has this page of short video stories on Islam.

Taking Action Against Anti-Islam Bigotry is another Shoulder to Shoulder webinar which was recorded and is now available as a video for free online viewing.  Additional resources are included with the viewing link here at Standing on the Side of Love.