What I Love About Islam

This talk is designed to give non-Muslims a brief exposure to what may be intriguing about Islam.  The tension and misunderstandings between the Islamic World and the West are costly and severe.  This talk is an effort to bridge that gap of misunderstanding.  The presentation is an opportunity to open our hearts and minds to what valuable life lessons we can gain from this powerful and inspiring religious tradition.  The talk can be given as a sermon within the contact of a worship service, or as a presentation for a general audience.

Presenter: Rev. Dr. M’ellen Kennedy is a UU minister and also a Sufi minister.  She serves three historically Universalist congregations in Barre, Strafford and Washington, Vermont. She is founder and director of Interfaith Bridge (formerly known as Peace and Unity Bridge), and also co-founder of the UU Small Group Ministry Network.

To schedule this presentation at your congregation or organization, contact Rev. Dr. Kennedy via our contact form.

1186963_10201529637310488_1720436543_nComments –

“I liked your sermon and children’ story…  Your way of presenting spontaneously and with such immediacy to the congregation is so compelling.  And you made the Five Pillars of Islam so simple and clear and non-cerebral, so they were easy to assimilate.  Bravo!”

– Pat from the Milford Unitarian Universalist Church, Milford, NH


“We were privileged to have Rev. M’ellen Kennedy come speak to us in a program entitled, “What I about Love Islam” as part of an All About Islam Series I coordinated in the Fall of 2011 in Durham, NH, for the seacoast’s Active Retirement Association.  We had a large audience of academics and professionals of all genres for this special event and Rev. Kennedy made an indelible impression.  These very educated participants went away very enlightened.  And given our respective ages, this is no small achievement.  Our group is still talking about the way she conveyed both her passion and knowledge of Islam.   So inspirational was M’ellen, that the group continues to spread the memory of her love of the subject and the import of the Qur’an.  Rev. Kennedy is a unique spokeswoman for Islam.  We all need her voice as we try to build bi-cultural bridges and establish ongoing dialogue to combat distorted, destructive Islamophobia.”

– Carol Selberg, President, Active Retirement Association, Durham, NH


“Dr. Kennedy does an excellent job in fulfilling a need for more understanding of Islam at a time when the need is acute.”

– Neil Richardson, active member of Vermonters for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel