The Qur’an (literally: “a recitation”) is the central scripture of Islam, considered by Muslims to be the exact words of God/Allah and the last testament, after the Hebrew and Christian books of the Bible.  Muslims believe the Quran was revealed through angel Gabriel to Muhammad over the course of two plus decades: from 610 CE, when the prophet was forty, to his death in 632 CE.Muslims also believe that the text was memorized, recited by Muhammad to his companions and then recorded by them after he received each revelation.

Let’s read the Qur’an to learn what it actually teaches.

Qur’an Explorer – with text and recitation in both Arabic and translation

The Holy Qur’an – with multiple English translations which can be viewed concurrently, as well as other languages

English translation of the Qur’an – with commentary, from The Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement – presenting Islam as peaceful, tolerant, rational and inspiring

The Koran – English translation from the University of Michigan (searchable by word/phrase)

Tafseer Holy Qur’an – with recitations, commentaries & English translation